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ARTneo collects, preserves, and explores our significant visual art from Northeast Ohio artists.  Located at the 78th Street Studios in the historic Gordon Square district in Cleveland, the museum interprets and shares the rich artistic heritage of the region of both past and present artists through innovative exhibitions, educational programming and a celebrated publication portfolio.

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ARTneo, formerly the Cleveland Artists Foundation (CAF), was founded in 1984 by Cleveland-based artists, patrons, and collectors who recognized the need to establish an organization that would preserve, research, collect and exhibit the most significant visual art of the Northeast Ohio region.  At the heart of ARTneo’s mission is a collection of more than 3,000 paintings, prints, ceramics and sculpture.  As the Cleveland Artist Foundation, the organization’s mission historically focused on a group of artists known as the “Cleveland School” that was active from 1900-1950.  For the past twenty five years, ARTneo has broadened its historical scope to integrate the contributions of artists who were active before and since the “Cleveland School.”  We now focus on the achievements of the most signification artists in Northeast Ohio whose period of productivity encompasses the past fifty years.

Due to this expanded scope, ARTneo has transformed into the premier center for the art of Northeast Ohio, owing to both its significant collecting initiative and to its commitment to creative exhibition planning and educational outreach.  It is the only museum that caters exclusively to the acquisition of regional art, while not charging an admission fee.  The museum is supported through cash and in-kind contributions of many individuals, foundations, corporations, and through state funding, membership and fundraisers.

A Sweet and Sour Journey with Elmer W. Brown and Langston Hughes

“A Sweet and Sour Journey with Elmer W. Brown and Langston Hughes,” featuring newly rediscovered work from a hidden gem in the history of children’s literature! And check out our “reading room,” an installation inspired by the exhibition.

In the 1930s, author and poet Langston Hughes (1901-1967) wrote The Sweet and Sour Animal Book. He collaborated with his friend, Karamu House artist Elmer W. Brown (1909-1971), who created the illustrations. For the next 20 years they tried in vain to publish their picture book. In the early 1990s, Hughes’ manuscript was rediscovered and posthumously published. However, knowledge of the collaboration between Brown and Hughes was largely unknown until now. This will be the first time that the original text and images will be shown together.

The New York Times: Langston Hughes and Elmer W. Brown: A Children’s Book Deferred

Ideastream: A forgotten children’s book by Langston Hughes and Elmer W. Brown emerges in Cleveland

Medium: A Sweet and Sour Journey: The Collaboration between Elmer W. Brown and Langston Hughes


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