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Selected Objects by William Joseph Eastman

Fall Landscape With River - Mountains; central trees w/ yellow leaves; river @ bottom | Watercolor Paint
Green Poplars - Landscape; row of tall, thin trees | Oil Paint
Irises and Daffodils - Floral Study "Irises and Daffodils" | Watercolor Paint
Italy - Mediterranan coast | Watercolor Paint
Landscape - Landscape: field, blue mountains, clouds | Watercolor Paint
Paris - Notre Dame; Rear view of cathedral from river | Oil Paint
Seacoast Landscape - Landscape: houses by shore | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Winter Mountains; Gray landscap with mountains with trees | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Sailboat Rigging; Crow's Nest view of sailboat | Watercolor Paint

Designing History: I.T. Frary
Designing History: I.T. Frary

Designing History: I.T. Frary

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