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Locus of Transition: Works by Jason Milburn and Laila Voss

Locus of Transition features the work of Jason Milburn and Laila Voss, the Second and Third Prize winners from ARTneo's 2015 Cleveland Creates.

A consummate observer of human behavior, Jason Milburn’s work has revealed the psychological disjuncture within which people exist, even as they may be in close proximity to and interact with one another. Although in this new body of images Jason is still exploring human psychology, the work focuses instead on the emotional connections that organically emerge as individuals and families respond to major life-events. Milburn uses drawing, printmaking, cut-outs and collage to express the transfer of responsibility and support that forms between a patient and family.

Where as Milburn’s work situates itself in the intangible spaces between individuals, Laila Voss has spent a career investigating the urban environment, junctures and cycles of renewal and decay. Responding to location and context, she has incorporated sound, projections, found objects, natural and fabricated materials. The broad range of materials that she manipulates reflects the wide arc that the current work explores. This series of drawings and sculptures bring together her fascination with massive industrial production methods and energy conversion as expressed through various stages of the creative process.

When one is first faced with the concrete manifestation of their concerns, the synergy that exists between Laila & Jason’s work may not be immediately apparent. Yet, they both poetically expose how energy is constantly exchanged and converted, whether it is on an intimate scale as different roles are shared within a family unit or by a more global sweep as materials and goods are stored, moved and transformed.

Paradise Lost: August F. Biehle, Jr. in Zoar
Paradise Lost: August F. Biehle, Jr. in Zoar

Paradise Lost: August F. Biehle, Jr. in Zoar

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