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Oppositions: The Secessionists vs the Cleveland Society of Artists

Through December 19, 2014

Hawken School: The Sally & Bob Gries Center for Experiential and Service Learning School 10823 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland, OH 44106

Continuing the celebration its 30th Anniversary, ARTneo is partnering with Hawken School on an installation of works exploring the contrasting styles of two prominent artist groups in Cleveland during the early twentieth century. The exhibition is located at The Sally & Bob Gries Center for Experiential and Service Learning School and runs through December 19, 2014. It will be open to the public on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30 pm or by appointment. Arrangements to view the exhibition can be made with Hawken School by calling 216-721-9822.

The works from ARTneo's permanent collection of landscapes and portraits display a comparison between avant-garde and traditional approaches to art at a time when experimentation in art was at a new height. Cleveland artists were not isolated from these changes and rival groups were formed to both challenge and uphold artistic traditions. Established in 1911, the Cleveland Secessionists, including Henry Keller (1869-1949), William Sommer (1867-1949), and Abel Warshawsky (1883- 1962), embraced European modernist ideas. Adopting Post-Impressionist and Cubist concepts the artists fully explored the radical shifts taking place in art through the use of vibrant color and form.

Countering the wild aesthetics of the Secessionists, a group of artists joined together as the Cleveland Society of Artists in 1913. Artists like George Adomeit (1879-1967), Ora Coltman (1858-1940), and William Edmondson (1874-1951) felt that through artistic style one could uphold traditional values and good craftsmanship. The artists strongly adhered to academic traditions and a more conservative approach to creating works of art. These opposing factions of artists created a dynamic body of work that not only conflicted with each other, but also pushed and influenced their modes of creation.

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