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Charles F. Schweinfurth: Uncompromising Architect of Cleveland's Valiant Age

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Cleveland, in the last decades of the 19th Century, was a city of dramatic growth and achievement. During this period, Cleveland became one of the United States’ leading industrial centers and by 1900 was the seventh most populous city in the nation. This remarkable progress was led by the valiant efforts of men like Mather, Hanna, Wade, Stone, Swasey, Case, Chisolm, Rockefeller, and Severance. These merchant princes, through their vision, ingenuity, good fortune, and hard work, established the civic, cultural, and philanthropic foundations that live on in Cleveland to this day. One of the leading industrialists of this age was Sylvester T. Everett. To celebrate his status as a member of Cleveland’s new aristocracy, he chose to erect a mansion on Euclid Avenue that expressed his ambition and success. For his new Millionaire’s Row residence, he commissioned a twenty-seven year old New York architect, Charles Frederick Schweinfurth.

Charles Schweinfurth was born in 1856 in Auburn, NY to an architectural family. His father was trained as an architect in Germany and his three brothers were all practicing architects. He came to Cleveland in 1883 to design the first of 15 mansions he produced for “Millionaires’ Row” on Euclid Avenue. Notable Schweinfurth commissions include the Old Stone Church, the Shoreby Club, stone bridges of Martin Luther King Drive, Trinity Cathedral, and the Union Club of Cleveland.

The installation features photographs of Schweinfurth buildings (many now destroyed) and architectural plans as well as items from the Cleveland Public Library's Schweinfurth Collection including public park plans, plans for Schweinfurth’s own home, photographs, early student drawings, and additional artifacts. The exhibition will pay particular attention to “lost Schweinfurth,” as these buildings now outnumber those extant and well as highlighting the connection to area institutions and drawing on collections at these institutions such as Cleveland State University, the Western Reserve Historical Society, and Trinity Cathedral.

Art Books Cleveland 5th Annual Abcedaria Exhibition
Art Books Cleveland 5th Annual Abcedaria Exhibition

Art Books Cleveland 5th Annual Abcedaria Exhibition

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