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ARTneo 2016-17 Annual Appeal

ARTneo 2016-17 Annual Appeal

November 01, 2016 through March 31, 2017

When: 9:00 am - 12:00 am

Please support the ARTneo 2016-17 Annual Appeal

For nearly two years, I have been a proud member of the board of directors of ARTneo, a museum dedicated exclusively to the collection and preservation of northeast Ohio art. During this time, I have learned a great deal about the important history and tradition that northeast Ohio artists have created for our city and our region, as well as seen many impressive works from the many artists who not only maintain but also enrich that history and tradition to this day. Along with the entire board of ARTneo, I ask for your consideration in making a donation to ARTneo today, and thereby assist us in continuing to grow our mission of exhibiting and preserving this rich legacy of northeast Ohio art through a museum dedicated solely to this task.

Throughout its history, ARTneo has preserved and protected more than 3,000 works of art created exclusively by northeast Ohio artists. In 2015, we moved into our new home at the 78th Streets Studios in the Gordon Arts Square District, the largest art and design complex in northeast Ohio. There, we occupy a place in the renovated Baker Electric Motor Vehicle Company building that has played an essential role in revitalizing the district. In the past year alone, our visitors have celebrated the works and career of Phyllis Seltzer, an icon who has been an integral part of the Cleveland art scene for nearly fifty years, and whose artistic achievements from each of these periods were on full display. We held an exhibition in conjunction with the Cleveland Institute of Art that celebrated Cleveland’s women artists. We explored the works of emerging talents Jason Milburn and Laila Voss and the Magic Realism of Hazel Janicki. Our educational mission continues with exhibitions at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland State University, and Hawken School, and we look forward to creating new partnerships with the many schools in our own neighborhood, and thereby educate a new generation of Clevelanders about the many exceptional artists and works of art that have been created right in their midst.

All of this would not be possible without you, and we ask for your generosity in contributing to our 2016 Annual Appeal to help us continue and grow our mission. You can make this contribution either by filling out the enclosed form or visiting our website: On behalf of all of the tremendous people who make ARTneo shine—our staff, our committees, and, most importantly you, our members, donors, and sponsors—we thank you in advance for your consideration in making a gift today to ARTneo. We can assure you that your gift is not only appreciated, but will be put to very good use in advancing our mission and in protecting and preserving the artistic heritage of northeast Ohio.

On behalf of the board and staff of ARTneo,

David A. Carney

Board of Directors:

Anna Arnold
Melanie Boyd
Joan Brickley
Daniel Bush
William Busta
James Heusinger
Kenneth Hegyes
Sabine Kretzschmar
Jon S. Logan
Robert Thurmer
John Wasko
Maggie Wojton

Please take a moment, right now, and click here to make a contribution to ARTneo. Your gift is not only appreciated, but will be put to very good use in advancing our mission.

Feel free to contact our Executive Director, John Farina, or our Curator and Collection Manager, Christopher Richards, with any questions or to learn more about what is happening. Thank you in advance for your generous financial support.


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