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St. Ives, Cornwall, England

Selected Objects by Willard Wetmore Combes

Centennial Poster - Centennial Cleveland Poster | Lithograph
Community Chest Drive - Man pulling a sled with "Poor Kids" | Ink
Springer Pup - Black and white "Springer: running in field | Etching print
Untitled - Mural study; three female figures; one male |
Untitled - Mural study; four female figures "the arts"? |
Untitled - Black & white; suited man; many hands and containers; "give" repeated | Graphite/Ink
Untitled - Welcome to Cleveland; Parade of people being welcomed into Cleveland | Charcoal/Ink
William - Boy; Arms above head | Watercolor Paint

Cleveland Creates 2017
Cleveland Creates 2017

Cleveland Creates 2017

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