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Selected Objects by Paul J. Ulen

Head Portrait - | Conte Crayon
Ohio Farmlands - image is on canvas | Watercolor Paint
Portrait of Jean - image is on board | Watercolor Paint
sketch of dock near London Bridge) - | Ink/Watercolor Paint
Under the Bridge, London - | Ink
Untitled - girl; seated; bow in hair; gaze right; hands on arms of chair | Graphite
Untitled - female seated on floor; left arm severely angled; tank-top | Graphite
Untitled - three female nudes--front; back; 3/4-view | Graphite
Untitled - Old Spider Web; line drawing; spider web | Ink
Untitled - 1.) female, nude; right hand behind back, left hand behind left hip; gaze left; contrapasto 2.) female in coat; seated; gaze right | Ink/Conte Crayon
Untitled - female nude; standing; right arm behind back; left hand on rail object; short hair | Ink
Untitled - two male figures w/ hats. 1. Shovel, overalls, 2. Smoking | Graphite
Untitled - female head; gaze right; left hand lifted | Graphite
Untitled - Male; seated on floor; one leg bent; forearm resting on raised leg; gaze left; back of head visible (no face) | Graphite
Untitled - female, nude front and profile. Guidelines connect aspects of each drawing (such as length of hair, position of eyes) | Graphite
Untitled - male standing; raze right; hands on invisible staff; wearing a sheet | Graphite
Untitled - female head; gaze left; wavy hair | Graphite
Untitled - female seated; gaze right; left hand raised; right hand on lap; skirt; ankles crossed | Graphite
Untitled - horse grazing; face right | Graphite
Untitled - female seated; left hand on knee; right hand on seat; gaze left; curled hair; dress w/ puffy sleaves | Graphite
Untitled - male back; jock strap; left arm behind back | Graphite
Untitled - 1.) seated male w/ hat; gaze right 2.) seated male; gaze down-right; wearing jacket | Graphite
Untitled - head of woman; gaze left | Charcoal
Untitled - female (Jean Ulen) seated; legs stretched out; glasses; reading book; ankles crossed w/ high-heels | Conte Crayon
Untitled - female seated; left arm outstretched; gaze forward; left hand on calf | Graphite
Untitled - female head; cocked slightly; gaze right | Conte Crayon
Untitled - 1.) female seated; right leg out, left leg underneath; left arm raised; right hand on thigh; ponytail; gaze left 2.) standing female, lightly rendered | Conte Crayon
Untitled - horse; cart; street car; blurry trees | Ink/Graphite
Untitled - 1.) still life; white bust of female head; jar; cloth 2.) woman; profile; gaze left; hat | Graphite/Ink
Untitled - perspective drawing of room with table | Graphite
Untitled - Tissue paper; black ink; boat; drawbridge | Ink/Graphite
Untitled - Black ink; horse and cart; old, rounded buildings; clouds in sky; bridge | Ink/Graphite
Untitled - buildings; bridge over street between buildings; lines in sky | Ink/Casein
Untitled - ship; building; horse & cart | Ink
Untitled - 1.) Female figure studies 2.) male figure studies | Graphite
Untitled - Female head; gaze right | Colored Pencil
Untitled - Female seated; looking @ a piece of paper; gaze right; ankles crossed; bathing suit | Colored Pencil
Untitled - Female head; gaze left; profile | Colored Pencil
Untitled - Female seated; reading; Neo-Classical chair; gaze slight right | Colored Pencil
Untitled - LEFT = Female seated; nude; no head; RIGHT = figure nude; back | Graphite
Untitled - Female seated; arms wrapped around body; profile; gaze left; sheet over shoulders; hair in ponytail | Colored Pencil
Untitled - FRONT = Female lying upright; legs straight; ankles crossed; shorts; right arm horizontal, bent @ elbow; gaze right; BACK = female lying upright; profile; gaze left | Graphite
Untitled - Female lying upright; shorts; left hand over right hip; propped on right elbow | Colored Pencil
Untitled - Female seated; gaze slightly left; sweater; crossed ankles; shorts; socks pulled up; right hand on left hip | Colored Pencil
Untitled - Male standing; gaze right; jock strap; left knee bent | Ink/Colored Pencil
Untitled - Female seated; gaze left; bathing suit; knees straight; legs crossed; hands at side | Colored Pencil
Untitled - Female seated; gaze slightly left; hands at sides; legs disproportionately small (inaccurate foreshortening); purple hair; pink lips | Colored Pencil
Untitled - red; Female seated; gaze forward; cat in lap; Neo-Classical chair | Chalk
Untitled - Female seated; gaze right; profile; left hand on knee; legs crossed | Chalk
Untitled - colored; Female seated; gaze left; purple; profile | Graphite
Untitled - Female seated; gaze left; right hand up on knee; neo-classically curved chair | Graphite
Untitled - Seated female; left arm horizontal; right hand in lap w/ straight elbow; gaze forward, slightly right; Reverse: sketch of a face | Chalk
Untitled - 3 men; 3 women; putti above; two trees; simple landscape; late Neo-classical costumes; grid over drawing | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Female seated; gaze left; bathing suit; male head horizontal | Graphite
Untitled - Female standing; left arm behind back; gaze right; dress | Graphite
Untitled - two females, both gaze left; Left figure - standing; legs crossed; right hand under left elbow; Right figure - hand on hip; foot on step | Graphite
Untitled - Seated man; collared shirt; gaze right; hands on top of one another | Graphite
Untitled - FRONT = seated girl; BACK = Standing girl, contrapasto | Graphite
Untitled - Portrait of an Adolescent Boy with Hand on Baseball Bat; Boy; gaze left; hand on baseball bat | Graphite
Untitled - Male; standing; gaze right; one arm raised horizontally; one arm relaxed @ side; collared shirt; long pants; arms & head rendered more | Graphite
Untitled - Male; seated on floor; one leg bent; forearm resting on raised leg; gaze right; tennis shoes | Conte Crayon
Untitled - FRONT = Two female heads; 1-gaze right, profile; 2-gaze right-down; BACK = Seated female in a long dress; one hand on lap | Graphite
Untitled - Male seated in chair | Chalk
Untitled - Female seated; gaze right; legs crossed | Chalk
Untitled - seated study of Jean; | Conte Crayon
Untitled - sketch of standing young woman | Graphite
Untitled - drawing of young man withing grid | Graphite
Untitled - sketch of a young woman | Graphite
Untitled - sketch of Jean Ulen painting | Graphite
Untitled - Jean drawing from a model | Graphite
Untitled - Jean seated-reading book | Graphite
Untitled - sketch of farm buildings | Graphite
Untitled - Jean posing in red shoes and bra; image is on board | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Jean at drawing board; Orange image of old woman w/ glasses (Jean Ulen) holding angled board; purple background | Crayons
Untitled - view of studio--Jean at easel | Graphite
Untitled - sketch of seated man | Graphite
Untitled - sketch of young woman | Conte Crayon
Untitled - sketch of young man; laying male; shirtless; left arm out, right hand on knee; gaze right | Graphite
Untitled - interior of monestary; Figures in pews kneeling & standing @ bottom; statue in niche w/ pointed arch above | Watercolor Paint/Graphite
Untitled - sketch of flower seller; | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - painting of tug boat; | Watercolor Paint/Graphite
Untitled - black and white study for 00-552A--tugboat; | Ink
Untitled - Jean wearing head scarf; | Oil Paint
Untitled - Jean, seated with scissors on floor; older woman, seated, gaze right; right hand behind ear; scissors @ floor; brown chair; flowers; blue skirt; black & white shoes | Oil Paint
Untitled - Portrait of a man in cap; Unfinished portrait of a man sitting | Oil Paint
Untitled - 3 women; nude central figure; flanking figures skirted | Ink

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ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

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