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Selected Objects by Jean Grigor Ulen

Drawing #2 - Boy with Striped T-Shirt | Ink/Conte Crayon
Drawing #3 - Seated Girl | Conte Crayon
It's the Truth, Mrs. Murphy - It's the Truth, Mrs. Murphy | Ink
Owl - Owl standing on rock | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - female portrait (Jean Ulen); glasses; red band on head; purple shirt | Colored Pencil
Untitled - 1.) male portrait; gaze right; striped shirt; large lips (graphite) 2.) boy; striped shirt; left hand gesturing forward (ink, conte) | Ink/Graphite/Conte Crayon
Untitled - Seated male; profile; gaze right; staff in left hand; knee study @ right | Graphite
Untitled - two nude female figures | Ink
Untitled - flowers; leaves | Graphite
Untitled - 1.) male profile (graphite); gaze right; male nude figure (ink) 2.) female nude back | Ink/Graphite
Untitled - figures; male @ right w/ hat, cane, mustache standing @ desk; female seated in front of him w/ hat | Graphite/Ink
Untitled - 1.) woman, seated; gaze left; left arm raised; right hand in lap; dress 2.) very similar to front | Graphite
Untitled - head of a woman; short, wavy hair; gaze left | Ink/Conte Crayon
Untitled - nude woman; back | Charcoal
Untitled - bust of classical statue; gaze right; wild hair | Charcoal
Untitled - Toucan; gaze right | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Two Owls on a blue-gray branch | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Plants; frogs | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - | Graphite
Untitled - study of paul at easel; FRONT - older, bald man drawing at easel; BACK - study of seated female | Conte Crayon
Untitled - sculpture study; | Charcoal
Untitled - sculpture study; | Charcoal
Untitled - study of Michelangelo sculpture | Charcoal
Untitled - nude | Charcoal
Untitled - woman with hands on hips | Ink
Untitled - seated girl | Conte Crayon
Untitled - reclining man | Graphite
Untitled - girl with braids | Graphite
Untitled - seated woman; seated female; view from above; left arm raised; gaze left; right hand on thigh | Graphite
Untitled - young boy holiding staff; | Graphite
Untitled - graphite sketch of man | Graphite
Untitled - head of woman; | Graphite
Untitled - Arthur Jones | Graphite
Untitled - Reverie;seated boy; gaze right; striped shirt | Ink/Conte Crayon
Untitled - woman with hands on hips | Ink
Untitled - two women resting | Ink
Untitled - | Gouache/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Female reclining with fingertips resting on shoulder; gazing at viewer | Graphite
Untitled - Woman painting from live seated model | Graphite
Untitled - Two views of nude female | Graphite
Untitled - Female reclining; study of female head at lower left corner | Graphite/Ink
Untitled - Two studies of a woman in a skirt;Two standing females; skirted; high-heeled shoes; both gaze left | Graphite
Untitled - Standing nude female with red shoes | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Two views of seated male from behind | Ink
Untitled - Female reclining on seat with arm outstretched | Graphite
Untitled - Female; gaze forward; owl in hand | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Female standing; cape draped over right shoulder | Ink/Colored Pencil
Untitled - Female head; gaze right | Graphite
Untitled - Small house; old man w/ hat & cane gaze right; dog gaze right; telephone pole; clouds; "Copemish" | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Warty as an Old Dowager - | Graphite

ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland
ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

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