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Selected Objects by Herman Peterson

Untitled - Study of a Horse Running; Outline of horse running toward viewer, face left; saddle; mouth open | Graphite
Untitled - Man in cowboy outfit; hands raised; dancing; gaze left | Graphite
Untitled - Woman; Mexican dress?; tambourine; dancing; gaze right | Graphite
Untitled - Russian or Eastern European man in traditional costume; dancing; hand above head; red hat; green clothes; black boots | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Domestic scene; man seated @ table; woman standing | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Domestic scene; two men; one seated; t-square; globe | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Semi-circle format; two old ships on water; sketches @ top right | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - left image-girl frolicking in meadow, trees, animals, butterflies; right image-medieval scene, king @ court, table | Graphite
Untitled - Pilgrims, male & female; white landscape; house in distance, trees | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Cutout image of haystack, pumpkins, bushels of fruit | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Apple-picking scene | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - figure lying in bed; thinking, anxious men in suits @ right; monk w/ wine bottle @ left; monk entering @ left; red chair @ right | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - paper consists of two sheets; nude female figures in forest; large mushrooms; bright colors | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Man attacking horse-rider; cowboys; horse frightened; drawing is in three pieces | Charcoal
Untitled - Two femal nudes; floral motiff; art nouveau | Graphite

Beyond Function: The Ceramics of Judith Salomon
Beyond Function: The Ceramics of Judith Salomon

Beyond Function: The Ceramics of Judith Salomon

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