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Flower Study

Selected Objects by Henry George Keller

Anna's Garden - fence, plants | Ink
At the Vermilion Lagoon - | Gouache
Bathers at the Beach - bathers in various poses | Mixed Media
Beach at Santa Monica - Figure and dog on beach, mountains, figures in background | Watercolor Paint
Boy with Calf - boy in striped shorts with calf | Watercolor Paint
Ceylon Junction/Lake Erie Shoreline - shoreline painting at dusk | Tempera Paint
Cows in Moonlight - Moonlit landscape w/ 2 cows | Gouache/Graphite
Dahlias - Still life: dahlias | Graphite
Dolly of Dolly in the Stable - horse in stable | Ink
Flotsam of the Pacific - Landscape: seacoast scene with debris in foreground | Watercolor Paint
Flowers and Snails - Yellow & orange flowers with three snails in the foreground | Watercolor Paint
Garden Flowers - Still life of garden flowers | Ink
Goats in the Mountains - goats and mountains; | Ink
Guitarist and Horses - 2 horses, guitarist at side | Ink
Helios in the Lead - Study for Helios in the Lead; three horses pulling a flying carriage | Watercolor Paint
Horse Study (Study for"Hungry Plough Horses) - horses heads | Crayons
In the Parrot Cage - Print of tropical birds | Graphite/Ink
Light on Pier - Primitive structure overlooking coast | Watercolor Paint
Lotus Lilies - Still life: flowers (lotus lilies) | Ink
Mountain Study - Mountain study | Graphite
Pigs Resting - Pigs in various poses | Ink
Playa de Palo - Figures; donkey; mountain; boats; dogs; lake in distance? | Oil Paint
Port Huron - Tree; water; steam or smoke; red boat @ right; American flag @ top right | Gouache
Road Over the Hills - pastoral scene, horses | Ink
Roadside in Spain - goats and pack mule | Ink
Seacoast Study - seacost and birds | Graphite
Sheep's Head - gouache on brown flecked paper; fish and plant; artist's drawn chop at LL | Gouache
Still Life - Still life of vase, fruit | Gouache
The Hermitage of Talavera - Two buildings in front of a spanish style building | Ink
Turkey - | Graphite/Charcoal/Pastel
Two Horses - Two horses; rear and profile | Ink
Untitled - Beach; dim light | Gouache
Untitled - Cliff rocks at beach | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Seascape; rocks, driftwood in foreground; mountains in background; sunglare on water | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - White Duck; white duck on grey water | Gouache
Untitled - View of Cleveland; view of terminal tower & rail road signal box | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Horse Study; Studies of horse on both sides | Charcoal
Untitled - Flowers; brown & black | Conte Crayon/Charcoal
Untitled - Standing Woman; standing female from behind | Graphite
Untitled - Lamb Studies; Three studies of a lamb | Graphite
Untitled - Three Horses; Three horses feeding | Graphite
Untitled - Morning in Stable, study; stable scene | Ink/Graphite
Untitled - Horse Head Study; Drawing of horses heads | Graphite
Untitled - Seated Nude; Portrait of seated woman in foliate setting | Ink
Untitled - Theatrical Masks; Theatrical masks and greenery | Ink/Graphite
Untitled - Horse and Cart; horse pulling cart; figure; signed R; inscribed LL c. 1902-05, LR Leo Prasse, inscribed on reverse: L.E. Prasse Collectors' mark (PB#577) | Ink
Untitled - Costal Scene | Ink
Untitled - Flower, Butterfly; flower and butterfly; signed R; inscriptions at top; inscribed LR; Battel and Prasse collectors' marks verso (PB 1121B) | Ink
Untitled - Victoria, B.C.; potted plant; signed LL; inscribed (reverse UR) victoria, v (?) c. d 1935 (reverse L.L.) 20 july 1940 (L.R.) Leo Prasse, Bittel and Prasse CM (PB 903) | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Morning Glories; etching of (morning glories) | Ink
Untitled - Two Women Study; two women in hats | Graphite
Untitled - Three Nudes Study; | Graphite
Untitled - Mountains Study; Landscape: mountains | Pastel
Untitled - Praries Study; Landscape: prarie scene, mountains in background | Graphite
Untitled - Three Nudes Study; Three female nudes | Graphite
Untitled - covered wagons, mountains; cove, wagons; horses; figures | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Pig Study No. 1; Pigs resting | Ink
Untitled - Sheet of Studies; 3 vaguely mythological studies | Graphite/Conte Crayon
Untitled - Bull Study; bull, serveral sketches of snout and eye | Graphite
Untitled - Rooster; white rooster | Ink
Untitled - standing horse; Two horses heads Drawing of hand on top; sketch of head on bottom | Graphite
Untitled - | Graphite
Untitled - 2 horses heads | Graphite
Wild Horses No. 2 - Horses on a hillside | Ink
William Lee Farm, Hillside in Berlin Heights -

farm scene, house in middleground; bright colors

| Oil
Wooden Bridge - wooden bridge, building, mountain | Watercolor Paint
Yoked Horse - yoked horse | Graphite

ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland
ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

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