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Selected Objects by Frank Nelson Wilcox

East Prospect Street/Bicycle Parade - Figures watching parade | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Hay Makers - figures resting in front of a haystack | Graphite/Watercolor Paint/Ink
Indian Village - | Watercolor Paint
Print and Proverb - Winter scene with text | Ink
The Lamplighter - park scene with street lights | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
The Victoria: Scene on Euclid Avenue - people with horse and carriage in background | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Ultima Thule - Ocean; figures on rocks | Oil Paint
Untitled - 2 pgs mounted together; L: bull, pigs & rooster R: child & reclining figure sketch | Graphite
Untitled - 2 sketches matted together; 2 men talking at top; detail of bottom sketch?; street scene on bottom | Graphite
Untitled - Horse drawn cart; clouds; mountains; white, adobe building @ right | Gouache
Untitled - line drawing of a man, gaze right w/ palette and brush; text | Ink
Untitled - line drawing; cliff; moon | Graphite
Untitled - cliffs; rocks w/ people and tree | Graphite
Untitled - figure's back; loincloth; right arm raised | Graphite
Untitled - 1.) figures in togas w/ tree w/out branches 2.) small rectangles w/ landscapes | Graphite
Untitled - figures on rock w/ tree; cliffs | Graphite
Valley Station - | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Valley Train - Interior train scene | Watercolor Paint/Graphite
Waiting for the Train - watercolor on ruled paper; people waiting by train tracks | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Washing the Horse - horse, figures in river | Graphite/Watercolor Paint
Winter Morning - image on paper; trees and hills; winter __ | Ink/Watercolor Paint

ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland
ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

ARTmeow: The Cool Cats of Cleveland

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