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Untitled (construction)

Selected Objects by Edwin Mieczkowski

Adel, Beder, Carnu - Tryptic, three drawings, geometric, left is blue, center is gray, right is tans and browns | Acrylic Paint/Graphite
Black Star #2 - Black linear city scape, abstract | Wood
Black Star City #1 - black linear city scape, abstract | Wood
Telomere Tumble #4 - Central compostition, bright colors, geometric, cicles inside of squares, lines eminating from circle. Green, blue, pink, yellow/orange | Acrylic Paint
untitled - Abstraction; black & white; roughly square shape w/ angular forms | Acrylic Paint
Untitled - Halle Building Mural; Geometric grid with varying colors | Ink
Untitled (City Series) - black abstract linear city scape | Wood

Cleveland Creates 2017
Cleveland Creates 2017

Cleveland Creates 2017

Introducing ARTfridays: Lunchtime Art Talks

In the ARTneo gallery on the last Friday of each month.

Sponsored by OADA- the Ohio Art Dealers Association

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