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Selected Objects by Carl Frederick Gaertner

Bailey Rocks - Muted, cool colors; water; rocks @ night | Oil Paint
Bay Road, Moonlight - Road; blue water in distance; red house @ right; pale fence; dirt road; hills | Oil Paint
Corner in the Flats? - closely spaced homes, autos | Oil Paint
Dark Town - Landscape: creek, houses, store fronts and trolley | Oil Paint
Drawing - industrial scene with buildings | Graphite
Freshwater Pond - house in empty landscape @ edge of pond | Oil Paint
Gaff-Rigged Sailboat - | Watercolor Paint
House/Street/Industry - Three drawing framed together | Graphite
River House - House; mountain; river; Autumn; fence | Oil Paint
Sailboats - Landscape: sailboats, shoreline | Watercolor Paint
Untitled - Lake Erie Breakers; Coastal scene with rocks in foregroung |
Untitled - Sketches of a house, dock, and road | Charcoal
Untitled - | Charcoal
Untitled - | Charcoal

Unending Journeys: Works of Samuel Butnik
Unending Journeys: Works of Samuel Butnik

Unending Journeys: Works of Samuel Butnik

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